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Toilet Repair & Installation

Toilets need to be maintained properly. They are one of the most important plumbing fixtures in our plumbing systems. We tend to not think too much about our toilets until something happens and they are not working properly.

If you are in need of a toilet repair or replacement, give us a call. 

Toilet Repair & Installation

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If your toilet is running for several minutes after you flush or there’s a blockage no amount of plunging has solved, you need a plumber. In the event you need help with a toilet repair or replacement, Keown Plumbing can help you.

Unfortunately, many times the crack in the toilet can’t be seen, so this means you’ll wind up with a pool of water on the floor regularly that seems to have no cause. Toilets are usually made of porcelain, so it is a material that can get damaged if hit or dropped. Leaky toilets are not only expensive on your water bill and wasteful, they’re also going to be the cause of other damage to your home including damaged flooring, rust and corrosion to pipes and anything metal exposed to the leak, rotting wood in walls near the floor and more.

It’s important to know that sometimes toilet repairs need to happen just due to age. After years of wear and tear. Repairs to toilets do not necessarily always require major repairs but if they are malfunctioning  then the services of a licensed plumber are required. Your toilet may require new operational parts in the cistern  that require repairing before the problem escalates and results in a bigger problem. 

Contact Keown Plumbing who treats each customer with the same service excellence whether the toilet repair is a major or a minor repair. Their track record and reputation speaks for itself. 

Common toilet problems

 If your toilet is encountering any of the following, call Keown Plumbing. We provide a wide range of toilet repairs and installation services. 

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Toilet Repair Frequently Asked Questions

The common causes for toilets to run are also usually easy fixes, but if you don’t have a lot of plumbing experience or you suspect there could be a larger problem, it’s best to call out a licensed plumber. Usually, though, the issue is with one of three things:

  • The flapper, which is what stops water from leaving the tank unless you’ve flushed;
  • The float, which is a part that rises with the water level as the tank refills and tells the flapper when to open or close;
  • Or, the fill valve, which controls when and how much water enters the tank after you’ve flushed.

Yes. A rocking toilet almost always results in the wax ring under the toilet being squished and malformed. This may or may not cause the toilet to leak around the base during normal use. Even if the toilet doesn’t leak under normal use, if there ever is a sewer backup, water will begin to dump out around the base of the toilet as the lowest point in the house and flood the bathroom.

Furthermore, a rocking toilet can frequently result in damage to the toilet flange if left uncorrected and result in more expensive repairs down the road. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to fix a rocking toilet as soon as you become aware of it.

This depends on several factors; each time you use your toilet the trip lever, flapper, and fill valve are operated. You will find, however, that the flapper and fill valve are the parts most exposed to water and will be the first ones to wear out in most cases.

While the exact amount of wasted water from a running toilet depends on the water pressure in your home, it all adds up. Left unchecked, a running toilet can waste at least a gallon of water each hour. That’s a total of one unit of water each month until you get the problem resolved.

The problem with DIY plumbing repair is that it rarely fixes the problem. It’s easy to confuse the issue for something else, buy the wrong part, or not get the repair work done correctly. Not only does that mean you’ll still have to call us for service, but you’ll also have wasted time and money.

We are all about saving money and having you do DIY when it’s safe. Certain repairs definitely need a licensed plumber to fix. We would recommend at least speaking to a plumber before doing anything on your own. If we believe it’s something you can do on your own, we will let you know. 

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In a world as dynamic and demanding as plumbing, you need a partner who blends expertise with reliability. Over the years, Mike Keown and Keown Plumbing has stood as a beacon of trust and excellence in the heart of South Louisiana. From minor fixes to major installations, we’ve built our legacy on the foundation of quality, commitment, and customer satisfaction. As the leading plumber in Lafayette, La we’re not just about fixing problems but about creating long-lasting relationships.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to any of your plumbing needs or concerns. Reach out to Keown Plumbing today for your toilet repairs, and let us show you why we are Lafayette’s trusted choice for plumbers near me. Contact us today and let us bring peace of mind back to your home or business.

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