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Underground water leaks and pipe repairs in and around the Lafayette, La area. 

Pipe Repairs Lafayette, La
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Pipe Repairs In Lafayette, La

Old plumbing lines and connections can often spring leaks. Sometimes it’s a slow but sure leak and sometimes a pipe will burst, shooting water across your room.

Regardless, you need quick pipe repairs to keep your valuable home safe from flooding and contamination from sewage wastewater.

Water pipes and all the connections, hoses, fixtures, faucets, valves, and a large number of moving parts will all get old and will eventually have to be replaced. But until you’re better off replacing the pipes, you may just need a pipe repair.

When you have a leak and you need help, Keown Plumbing can quickly diagnose the cause of your plumbing leak and make the repair. If you need further repairs or services, we’ll gladly provide an upfront estimate.

We also realize that sometimes one pipe repair isn’t enough to completely resolve your plumbing leaks, and if you need further repairs, you can count on us to be honest. As our mission statement says, “honesty is not our best policy, it’s our only one.” We’ll never try to have you make a repair or pipe replacement that you don’t need. And on top of that, all of our work is backed by a guarantee in workmanship.

Remember, we’re available 24/7 so no matter when you need to repair a leaky pipe, our service team will be available to come to you!!

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Signs of A Water Leak in Your Home

Water Leak Signs - Smells

Sewer Like Smells
in Your Home

Water Leak Signs - Higher Bill

Higher Than Normal
Water Bills

Water Leak Signs - Water Pressure

Lower Than Normal
Water Pressure

Water Leak Signs - Sounds

Weird Sound in
Your Pipes

Water Leak Signs - Ceiling Stains

Water Stains on
Your Ceilings


Pipe Repair Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 common reasons pipes will leak. They are:

  • Excess pressure. When too much pressure is applied to pipes, it can easily cause them to spring a leak. 
  • Cracks. Although cracks aren’t experienced as commonly due to new advances in plumbing technology, they’re certainly still possible. For those pipes that do crack, the water has to go somewhere as it travels through, so it’s only natural that a bit would begin to seep out.
  • Corrosion. Corroding pipes can absolutely lead to a leak as well, and corrosion can be caused by a number of factors – these factors include the chemicals in your water, the pH in your water, the temperature of your water, the water pressure and velocity, and the oxygen content of your water. 

Yes. Just because a leak is small now doesn’t mean it won’t grow bigger over time. Water leaking out of your pipes or fixtures will eventually cause enough corrosion that even a pinhole-sized leak can grow and potentially cause damage to your home.

Many people believe that small leaks will stay small even if ignored for a while, but the truth is that over time, they will get worse. That’s because the water from the leak will erode your pipes, which ultimately makes a small leak grow in size. Small leaks can quickly turn into thousands of dollars in repairs if you don’t repair them quickly.

The rates may vary depending on whether it is business or private residence – and the timeframe. Keown Plumbing always assess the problem and offer a realistic quote before making a repair. Call today for a free estimate.

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How to prevent pipe damage

Sometimes pipe damage cannot be prevented but there are some things that can be done to lower the chances of a damaged pipe.

As plumbers, we see a lot of tree roots growing into pipes. If you’re planting trees, place them away from the home and all underground piping. This will save you loads of headache and money in the future.

Also, avoid flushing wipes. Even the ones labeled “flushable” are problematic. When it comes to
flushing products down your toilet, stick to toilet paper. All other items should be thrown in the

In kitchens, avoid pouring grease down your sink. Grease builds up over time, eventually becoming hazardous. While we have solutions for jetting your drains, grease buildup doesn’t remove easily. The best way to avoid pipe damage is to keep damaging materials out of your pipes in the first place.

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In a world as dynamic and demanding as plumbing, you need a partner who blends expertise with reliability. Over the years, Mike Keown and Keown Plumbing has stood as a beacon of trust and excellence in the heart of South Louisiana. From minor fixes to major installations, we’ve built our legacy on the foundation of quality, commitment, and customer satisfaction. As the leading plumber in Lafayette, La we’re not just about fixing problems but about creating long-lasting relationships.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to any of your plumbing needs or concerns. Reach out to Keown Plumbing today, and let us show you why we are Lafayette’s trusted choice for plumbers near me. Contact us today and let us bring peace of mind back to your home or business.

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